Brash Young Fools Seek The Enemy Within

Lupin's notes 5

Session 5

We take the silks, blackpowder and wine back to Curd. He pays us more money than I’ve ever seen except for in Thess’ place. Curd tells us the blackpowder was an order for Cpt. Baerfaust, rumoured to have allowed the death of the mad count when he was killed at Third Black Fire by the Orcs. We are offered more work tomorrow.

I have a bath at Thess’ and my mind is blown. Thess meets the bright wizardLuminary Mauer. He believes the Skaven exist, but can’t offer definitive proof. Thess posits that they could be living in the city’s sewers, slipping under cover of the high river during the rain.

Meanwhile, Mercutio engages in a madcap scheme to take over Grosz’s business and become the next target for the man in the black hood. We will miss him when he is dead, I suppose.

Baerfaust visits us in the Upright Pig in shining noisy shell with tasty firewater. Mmm. Found it hard to focus, but he asked a load of questions about the mutants we found. He’s worried about the vanishing blackpowder supplies in Averheim.

That night the rains come. Thess and I take to the rooftops while Mercutio rallied his strange-smelling goons and ordered them to patrol. Mercutio investigated the sewers, but took the coward’s way and decided that we’d return during the day.


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