Brash Young Fools Seek The Enemy Within

Lupin's notes 7

Session 7

We ride to Clothilde’s mansion, a place of sickening, angular opulence. Mercutio has decided to have a lie down whilst the Lady fetches her physicians. I gaze at the views of Averland, and miss the dark, dappled realm of Athel Loren. Wish I could go home. If only I’d kept my widdle in.

We ride for Averheim in late afternoon, Clothilde tips up a glittering fortune – 20 shillings.

We visit Curd Weiss, and turn over his destroyed wagon. He questions us on the resistance we faced and how they were armed. Mercutio previously discovered that the enemy bandits were wielding pistols from Averheim garrison – stamped with a sad sun. Hmm.
Another 20 silver! And a feast. We feast on Halfling pastries – surprisingly excellent. Thess forgets her own name, quite drunk. The human, too.

A fancy, perfumed bearded human enters. Thess is drunk and instantly smitten, it is Graf Friedrich von Kaufman. He thanks us for our work.

To stop Thess’ ridiculous behaviour, and also mostly for fun, I engage the human in a contest. We toss a bottle and aim to shoot it out of the air. Mercutio chips the bottle – not bad, but my aim is true, and I shatter the target into a glittering vapour that descends gently and harmlessly onto the cheering onlookers. Kaufman is impressed and invites us to guard his party – for 30 shillings!!!!


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