Wandering exiled malcontent with a pungent odour.



Lupin is a Waywatcher who disgraced himself over the Oak of Ages and was banished from Athel Loren. He now lives rough in the docklands of Averheim.

Sneaking. Shooting. Backflips.


Lupin doesn’t like to recall the dark day he was exiled from his homeland, and he literally can’t recall the crime that led to his castigation. After a long, exhilarating hunt dismantling a pompous cohort of crusading Brettonians, Lupin and his fellows hit the special spiced wine hard. Amid the dimly remembered jigs, strange mushrooms and raucous jokes it is said by over two-dozen witnesses that Lupin relieved himself on the roots of the Oak of Ages – a hot, steaming insult to his people’s holiest ground.

After being chased from the woods by a somersaulting gang of raging warriors, Lupin fled to the human settlement of Averheim, and scraped a living doing odd jobs for lowly underworld patrons. His knowledge of humankind has progressed to some degree, but he’s yet to learn how to hide his total disdain for the people of this grim, shit-stained city.

Likes: Shooting. Blackflipping. Showering topless in the glittering crystal waterfalls of Athel Loren.
Dislikes: Remembering the times he used to shower topless in the glittering crystal waterfalls of Athel Loren. Otherwise, people. Beds. Conventional hygiene.