Brash Young Fools Seek The Enemy Within

Lupin's notes 6

Session 6

Thess and I met with Curd Weiss, who works for von Kaufman. He wants us to guard a charge and bait out local bandits. We’re promised a feast and ungodly sum if we kill the bandits and keep our bait safe!

We will have to wear some god awful human rubbish though.

Mercutio and Thess hide in the coach with a blunderbuss apiece. Our decrepit companions drive the ridiculous tasselled rig.

I leave them to their strange sweaty box and slip through the under-brush nearby, eyes pealed for assailants.

Combat Account
Sure enough, some suspicious horsemen hold up the box. I take aim at one of their pistoliers…

Staying hidden, I fire a perfect shot into the leader’s hand. He keeps hold of his pistol, miraculously. Mercutio dives out of the coach and fires his cannon. I find myself grudgingly impressed by the human.

I retreat tactically to a nearby tree. Thess blunderbuss my pursuer, an unnecessary distraction, of course, but an impressive shot. I flip off a tree and shoot my attacker in the back, leaving him barely alive for a satisfying kill.

A bandit enters the coach. One of the ancient humans battles with him while Thess pulls a knife and shanks the intruder. Thess strikes him again and he flees, for a few moments, before Thess shoots him.

Mercutio accessses unknowable reserves of energy, and dive-tackles the two wounded pistoliers, damning them to a chaotic muddy brawl.

I drag the leader away and Thess takes the other survivor.

We learn:

  • Mercenary freelance group working for the man in the black hood
  • The man in the black hood supplies bandits with leads & gunpowder, taking a cut from the robbers.
  • Black hood has contacts in inns for dead drops.

Other clues: the lead bandit had a key around his neck and worse Averland state troop colours underneath his bandit garb.

We took their key and pistols. Mercutio and the coachman are gravely injured.


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