Mercutio Red

Highwayman, mercenary, celebrity criminal and dockland fixture.



“Mercutio was a highwayman
‘long the coach roads he did ride
Taking baubles from the gents
With sword and pistol by his side

He robbed the rich and kept their shit
Then spent it all on beer
Then all at once the barman cries
“Ho Johnny Law is near!”

Mercutio was clapped in arms
All thought he would swing
Then Freidrich Grosz that crafty git
Said “Hold on I must sing!”

He span a tale from a silver tongue
The judge ate it out his hand
Mercutio was sprang from goal
Free to roam the land!

He spit in Bearfaust’s face!
He laughs at Johnny Law!
They say he’s gone legit
But we say we know more!

Mercutio is a highwayman
Right down in the bone
Pay him well you rich old twats
Or he’ll steal your house and home!”

Popular drinking song in Averheim


Mercutio Red

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